About CoolSnippets

CoolSnippets is a small, simple, worldwide-collaborative webapp designed to allow developers to paste snippets of code they had to work out, and that appeared to be very useful and worth of interest as it may be needed later on another project.

You know, these three lines you blew your brain out for and that saved your life after hours of crying in front of Google's useless answers to your pleas. That's what we're talkin' about !

For the record, CoolSnippets is powered by FuelPHP and designed with Twitter Bootstrap (you don't say ?). If you want to learn more about the dude running this website, I think he has a blog... what was that again ? Aw, yeah : (and that punk is French, can you believe it ?).

Unlike other sites where you rapidly paste code snippets, CoolSnippets has an interest in saving what you feed it with for a long time. Not only it allows its users to easily retrieve their contributions to the site, thus making itself a kind of giant post-it or text file, but it also ends up becoming a database for all these snippets, so you guys can browse everything that's been posted and maybe find something that might serve your needs, whether immediately or in a potential future.

My dear friend, I invite you to start by browsing the already submitted snippets. If you have some gems you'd like to share with us, please submit them ! We all will truly appreciate.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your stay at CoolSnippets !