Here is a collection of CSS rules that extend Bootstrap and improve some of its features

/** Footer block class, mirroring Bootstrap's .page-header **/
.page-footer {
    border-top: 1px solid #EEEEEE;
    margin: 20px 0px;
    padding-top: 20px;

/** Unstyled .well **/
.well.well-invisible {
    background: transparent none;
    border-color: transparent;
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;
    box-shadow: none;

/** .well-like breadcrumb, with rounded sides **/
.breadcrumb.well {
    padding: 8px 19px;
    border-radius: 18px;

/** Adding back numbers for ordered breadcrumbs **/
ol.breadcrumb {
    list-style-type: decimal;
    list-style-position: inside;

/** The case above will also need this **/
.breadcrumb.clearfix li {
    display: list-item;
    float: left;

/** Inline alert, with lower vertical padding so it's the same height as a .btn
    Bottom margin is removed as well in case this is floated **/
.alert-inline {
    display: inline-block;
    margin-bottom: 0px;
    padding: 4px 14px;